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Hello! This donation poll is used for point payment but if you're feeling like a kind soul, please donate me some points here! They'll be used to commission other artists and to buy a 1 month core membership in June ;w;

Artists I want to commission when possible:
:iconririnka: :iconazuriota: :iconxsabah: :iconyukililapudel: :iconspiritofwater:


I don't do Requests by Pyek
I DONT do Commissions by Pyek

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Well... Birthday is pretty close, in a few weeks, and I'm still saving for a birthday commission to which I haven't even decided who to commission and what to ask for xD damn brain not giving me ideas OTL
Pfu, oh boy, the funzies. *rolls eyes*
Traduz lá esta merda agora caralho! É bué de giro falar mal dos outros em línguas que os outros não percebem ne oh animal quadrúpede zarolha?! Isso é mas é dor de cotovelo. Beijinho no ombro recalcado :v


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About me ♥

Stamp: Hiatus from deviantART by FantasyStockAvatars Hiatus by Nolascana
Daniela ♥ 22 years old ♥ Portugal

Hello, fellow deviant or lovely visitor! My name is Daniela. I'm a 22 year old portuguese lunatic, currently studying to enroll in college next year for Psychology.
Here are some fact about me:
♥ I draw mostly anime (fanart and original characters) but I hope to, someday, learn to paint, digitally and traditionally.
♥ My favourite food's pancakes and my favourite colour is purple, or any other tone inside that very same spectrum.
♥ My main fandom is currently Naruto. However, I also follow Fairy Tail, Fullmetal Alchemist, Winx, Angel's Friends, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Sailor Moon (Currently watching Sailor Moon Crystal), Card Captor Sakura and Miraculous Ladybug.
♥ I haven't counted how many OCs do I have in total, but they are more than 30 in the Naruto department.

Now, some warnings:
♥ I ship Canon x OC, and not just my own OCs. So if you are not comfortable with that, goodbye. I will not tolerate fandom wars in my page, canon, fanon or OC related. So scram. I'm not even in the fandom that much; I post stuff only for me and my friends.
♥ I'm not a popular artist and I'm not exactly a professional either. Please respect my progress as much as I'll respect yours.
♥ Constructive criticism is always welcome. Other sort of criticism is too, but if you tell me to fuck off, I'll answer in the same coin. Fair enough, right?
♥ I don't draw requests, neither commissions. People become abusive with requests and I am too slow to keep up with commissions in time, so I decided not to do those anymore, unless I need money urgently.
♥ Don't ask me for collabs, art-trades and whatever you think of. If I have something to offer, you can see it in my profile somewhere.
♥ Do not ask me for points or for freebies. No is no.
♥ Please respect my posts and my deviations, do not steal. I understand the meaning of using similar or even equal concepts, but I will not tolerate identical rip-offs or obvious stolen material. You steal something from me, you get your ass reported.

Any other questions, please comment or note me. Thank you :iconheartpurpleplz:
Rest assured that I will reopen these shortly. The thing is that I need to finish the  two commissions I already have to do AND the rest of the list, that I've just scanned to my All of it. They are so many filea that it hurts to even think about it. I'll try to work on 1 pic and 1 bustshot everyday except weekends and give priority to these commissions and the adoptables, of course.

Thank  you!

Hey folks!
Yes, I'm in need of points, so I'm opening slots for bustshot commissions! :la: Nothing too big, but something cute and usable!


No background - 300 :points:
AT: Fuyu Icon by Danye-Angel :bulletpurple: (I wish I could show you guys the new ones I've been working on, they look so much better ;w; )

Simple background: - 350 :points:
Secret Santa 2012 by Danye-Angel :bulletpurple: Now I Know What You Feel by Danye-Angel

Painted background: 450 :points:
Kid Ayumi - Strange People by Danye-Angel :bulletpurple: AT - Kazekage-sama, you're blushing... by Danye-Angel

More than 3 characters - 400 :points:
Secret Santa 2015 by Danye-Angel :bulletpurple: Secret Santa - Two Naomis and One Iris by Danye-Angel
Without BG : +0 points
Simple BG: + 50 points
Painted (framed or not) BG: + 100 points


RQ - Anime portrait by Danye-Angel - 500 :points: (these take a lot of work...)

What I don't draw:
- Gore or violent themes
- Extreme NSFW themes (I don't mind drawing something sexy or a bit spicy, but no nudity)
- Anti Art

- I'll get started only when you pay for your commission.
- No more than 2 slots for each person
- I have the right to refuse a commission if I feel uncomfortable with it
- Once you send the form, I'll only allow minor changes (sudden small adaptations to the outfit or the character, bg, etc).

Send me this form on a comment!

Digital or Traditional:
Number of characters:
Character references (images please!):
No BG, Simple BG or Painted BG:
Any extras (are they a romantic couple, any pose in specific, are they a group of siblings or friends, should the character be happy or sad, etc):


1. :iconkurojii: :bulletyellow: Sketching - purple by AngelLale87 Paid by Sukiie
2. :iconmairingo: :bulletyellow:  Lineart - purple by AngelLale87 Paid by Sukiie

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